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Next to doing the right thing,
the most important thing is to let people know

you are doing the right thing."

—John D. Rockefeller

If you are involved in investing your company's time, volunteers or money in community endeavors, Highview can help you boost your return on all that time

and effort. Whether you work in a corporate foundation, a Community Affairs

division, or in some other capacity, the core problems and opportunities are

similar. Call it what you will -- PR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Philanthropy -- most successful companies are active within their communities

in some capacity. But are you getting the maximum return on your efforts, both

for your company and for your community? I can help you be sure of that!

Many companies are shy about telling their stories, about ''tooting their own horn"

when it comes to their contributions in the community. But if done with skill, you

can share your story in a relevant way that is not self-serving, but which enhances your company's ability to compete, recruit, and retain good employees! Today's consumers put a lot of weight on a company's commitment to the community. Many will pay higher prices or drive across town to support a business that they respect for its good corporate citizenship.

Steve Cebalt

Here's what I can offer: There is a better way! Research shows that most companies -- even the ones identified as Centers of Excellence in corporate responsibility -- report that communication is the key to success, and yet very few companies are satisfied with their ability to communicate effectively with their stakeholders about their civic involvement, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Research also points out another gap: measurement . Most companies have no means of reporting their return on investment. And if you are using company resources to do good in the community, there should indeed be a return -- in fact, a double return -- both the company and the community should reap the rewards! I can help you develop meaningful ways to measure your return on investment.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy is not just a matter of writing checks and writing it off your taxes. That's the 20th century model. Today, effective companies find strong nonprofit partners that are aligned with the company's business objectives. They work together to meet mutually beneficial goals. And they tell their story effectively!

How can Highview help? We can help you set up, evaluate, or refine your company's civic involvement program through individualized webinar training (or in-person training if you are located in the Midwest). We can produce effective marketing materials to help support your efforts. We can help you set up systems to assure that your staff is used effectively, and that your dollars support projects that tie back to your business objectives. And with effective communications consulting, we can make sure you not only do good, but that people know you are doing good, including your CFO when he or she sees your bottom-line return!

Because the business of giving is, after all, a business.




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Steve Cebalt and the team at LLC serve organizations locally and nationwide that want to be more self-reliant by doing more of their own communication projects with the advantages of today’s technology. Check out our Communications Handbook for Nonprofits and Foundations. We're located in the heart of the midwest, where overhead costs are low and the friendliness quotient is high.

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